Custom software development

We offer custom software development for Internet-enabled applications in business. In the past 25 years, we have extensive experience in the development of custom software in the areas of ERP / ERP,Customer Relationship Management (CRM), document management (DMS), catalog software, maintenance and technical documentation can collect and provide our know-how to be happy at your disposal.

We work on the basis of standard components that we can configure individually according to your requirements.

We use Delphi for development - a modern and powerful development tool for database-oriented applications (mobile, browser and Windows).

Individual software development
Individual software development
Delphi applications
Delphi applications
Our range of services
  • Consulting and Design
  • Custom software development based on software modules
  • Connecting to existing systems
  • Creation of databases and database applications
  • Datamigration
  • Professional Projectmanagement
  • Maintenance and support

If you have any questions regarding your project we would like to advise you for free and
create the requirement specifications as the base for a offer.

Phone:  +49 441 777 729
Adress:  Bloherfelder Straße 130, 26129 Oldenburg 
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ERPwerk GmbH & Co. KG

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Telefon: 0441 777729


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